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Addis Ababa University Fees Structure… The Addis Ababa University AAU Fees Structure schedule for the 2018/2019 academic session.

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Addis Ababa University School Fees 2018, AAU Tuition Fees, Addis Ababa University Fees Structure, see full details below…

Below Is the Official Addis Ababa University Fees Structure schedule to be paid by each Undergraduate, and postgraduate student respectively for the 2018/2019 academic session.

The following policies and procedures are applicable to all students who officially register for programmes at the Addis Ababa University (AAU). The Institute reserves the right to change fees without prior notice. However, fee changes are subject to approval by the Governing Council and we will update it ASAP.


The Addis Ababa University School fees schedule has been successfully uploaded online, the schedule is available as follows:

No Groups Tuition Fee Thesis Research Fees
1 Social Sciences, Humanities, Natural Sciences 214ETB/ECTS 200ETB/ECTS
2 Professional Disciplines 323ETB/ECTS 278ETB/ECTS
3 Technology, Health Sciences and Informatics, Computer Sciences 323ETB/ECTS 378ETB/ECTS

Tuition Fee for Foreign Students (Postgraduate)

Fee Category Masters Studies PhD Studies
Fee category Refugees IGAD members, Eastern African Countries Others Refugees IGAD members, Eastern African Countries Others
Registration Fee 80ETB 20USD 40USD 80ETB 20USD 40USD
Tuition Fee 214/ETB/ ECTS* 50USD/ECTS 80USD/ ECTS 500/ETB/ CrH** 60USD/CrH 100USD/ CrH
Research supervision Fee 5385ETB 500USD 1000USD 12000ETB 800USD 1000 USD
Thesis Examination Fee 923ETB 200USD 400USD 2766ETB 300USD 500USD
Research Fee 5000ETB 1000USD 2000USD 20000ETB 3000USD 5000 USD

* ECTS – European Credit Transfer System

**CrH- Credit Hours

Tuition Fee for Foreign Students (Undergraduate)

  Fee category Countries
IGAD members, Eastern African Countries Other African Countries Other Countries
Registration Fee 100 USD 100 USD 100USD
Tuition Fee
Social Sciences 42USD/ECTS* 48USD/ECTS 60USD/ECTS
Engineering 60USD/ECTS 70USD/ECTS 86USD/ECTS
Medicine 100USD/ECTS 120USD/ECTS 150USD/ECTS

* European Credit Transfer System

Other fees

No. Student Services Ethiopians Non-Ethiopians
1 Authentication (Degree or diploma)
  • 100 birr per copy or to send for local 40 birr per copy or to send for overseas 40 birr per copy
  • Identification card
  • 75 USD per copy or to send for local 25 birr per copy or to send for overseas 25 birr per copy
2 Official Transcript
  • 40 Birr for local order
  • 60 birr for foreign order
  • 100 birr order by delegation
  • 40 USD for local order
  • 50 USD for foreign order
  • 75 USD order by delegation
3 Medium of Instruction
  • 100   Birr
  • 50 USD
4 Student Copy
  • 20 Birr
  • 10 USD
5 Name Change
  • 100 birr
  • 50 USD
6 Birth Date Change
  • 210 birr
  • 105 USD
7 Original Degree
  • 80 birr
  • 30 USD
8 To whom it may concern letter
  • 40 birr
  • 20 USD
9 Replacement for lost Diploma /Degree (original)
  • 250 birr
  • 200 USD
10 Replacement for lost ID
  • 100 birr
  • 00 USD
11 Postgraduate Admission Regular and Extension
  • 150 birr
  • 00 USD
12 Postgraduate Admission Distance
  • 00 birr
  • 00 USD
13 Undergraduate Admission Extension Preparatory and degreeDiploma
  • 40 birr
  • 150 birr
  • 00 USD
14 Readmission
  • 50 birr
  • 00 USD
15 TransferIntra universityInter universityStaff   dependants
  • 75
  • 150
  • Free
  • 00 USD
17 Temporary degree preparaton
  • 30 birr
  • 00 USD
18 Delegation by e mail
  • 20 birr
  • 10 USD
19 Registration Fee per a Semester
  • 40 birr
  • 30 USD
20 Admission Fee for Foreign Applicants
  • 30 USD

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