Minister – Malawi Govt Has No Information on Drug Trafficking Lady in Hong Kong


The government says it has information on a 29-year-old Malawian woman who is facing drug trafficking charges in Hong Kong, saying this makes it impossible to intervene.

Emmanuel Fabiano

Fabiano: We have no information

Minister of Foreign Affairs Emmanuel Fabiano told parliament that unless the government has the information and a report on the matter, it is difficult to do anything.

“My ministry has not received any information, we don’t know whether she is Malawian or not,” he said.

Lucy Nkasela faces death penalty after she was caught with 2kg of cocaine.

Her case has been failing to take place in the courts because of lack of interpreters.

Home security minister Nicholas Dausi said the government has now engaged an extra gear to crack down on drug traffickers in the country.

Dausi told the parliamentarians that the police have gone flat out to sniff out all drug traffickers both local and international.

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