Names of Accredited Non-Government Higher Education Institutions in Ethiopia



Accredited Non-Government Higher Education Institutions

Addis Ababa
    • Admas University College
    • Addis College
    • Africa Beza College
    • Africa Health College
    • Alkan Health Science College
    • Alpha University College
    • Atlas Health Science College
    • Bethel Medical College
    • ECUSTA Higher Leadership Institute
    • Ethiopia Distance College
    • Central Health College
    • City University College
    • CPU Business and Computer Technology College
    • Dynamic International University College
    • Hayat Medical College
    • HILCOE Computer Science and Technology College
    • Hamlin Collige of Midwifry
    • International Leadership Institute
    • Keamed Medical College
    • Medco Biomedical College
    • Mekane Yesus Management and Leadership Institute
    • Microlink Information Technology College
    • National College
    • Nelson Mandela Distance College
    • New Generation University College
    • Omega Health College
    • Orbit Information Technology College
    • PESC Information Systems College
    • Rift Valley College
    • Royal University College
    • Symlus Distance College
    • SRISAI College
    • St Mary’s University College
    • Tech Zone Engineering and Business College
    • Tropical College of Medicine
    • Unity Unversity College
    • Yardstick International Distance College
    • 2020 Open College
    • New Millennium College
    • Mekelle Institute of Technology
    • Sheba College
    • Nile College
    • Poliy Institute of Technology
Bahir Dar
    • Blue Nile College
    • Blue Mount College
    • GAMBI College of Medicine
Dire Dawa
    • Lucy College
    • Debub Ethiopia College
    • Pharma Health Science College
    • Aleph Health Science College
    • Infolink COllege
    • Furra College
    • Paradise Valley College
    • Ethiopia Adventist College
Wolaita Sodo
    • Selihom Nurses College
    • MF Agro Technical College
Debre Birhan
    • Victory College
  • Hayome Medical College
  • Micro Business College
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