Action Against Hunger Jobs Vacancies 2018 for Health and Nutrition Capacity Building Officer

Action Against Hunger Jobs Vacancies 2018 for Health and Nutrition Capacity Building Officer

Action Against Hunger Jobs Vacancy, Action Against Hunger Recruitment, Action Against Hunger Jobs Opportunities… Jobs details below…

Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for the Action Against Hunger Jobs Vacancies 2018. Interested applicant(s) ought to follow the details and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.

Action Against Hunger Jobs Vacancies 2018

1: Technical supervision and Monitoring: (related to Health extension workers and health staffs)

·         Support a planning of the work involved for each post;

·         Organize regularly supportive super vision and Monitoring meetings of HEWs and HWs;

·         Organize on- job training courses;

·         Organize bi-weekly supportive supervision visit to the health facilities and  report the outcome to Nutrition and health supervisor;

·         Keep an updated register of the HEWs to ACF Nutrition and Health supervisor and cluster health centre;

·         Support the HEWs on the preparation of daily, weekly and monthly reports;

·         If there is a problem, find out what is wrong and find a solution or else contact ACF Nutrition and Health supervisor;

·         Ensure good coordination and collaboration with the HWs, HEWs and HDAs.


2: Develop the capacity of the Government Health staff to manage CMAM, ICCM, CBN, and CMNCH & care practice activities


  • Organise on-the-job training and support of health staff regarding CMAMICCM, CBN, ANC, PNC & IYCF activities based on an updated training needs assessment.

·         Support government health staff on the implementation of national CMAM, ICCM, CBN, CMNCH & care practice protocols and identify areas of improvement.

·         Organize refresher training for the health staff on implementation of CMAM ICCM, CBN, CMNCH & care practice protocol according to identified areas of improvement.

  • Support the health staff  in the rules of hygiene, prescriptions and medical supervision;
  • Plan and report on training sessions: on-the-job trainings, refresher trainings.
  •  Coordinate and support capacity building  trainings for HEWs and HWs in line with the project objectives and government guidelines;


3: Support Government Health staff on CMAM management


·         Organise a schedule with the team to visit and support the health staff

·         Encourage autonomy and independence of health staff in the achievement of activities

  • Follow the implementation of CMAM National Protocol
  • Follow the availability and proper use of nutrition tools for the program
  • Promote strong linkages between the nutrition program and other existing health programs
  • Follow the availability and proper use of IEC material (respect national standards, local language etc.)
  • Follow the effective management of beneficiaries during the visit, with particular attention to the welcome and establishment of a supportive therapeutic relationship;
  • Participate and follow the consumption and request report;
  • Organise monthly meeting with the health CMAM staff
  • In case of difficulty, identify the problems and find solutions or refer to your supervisor;
  • Assist in analysing the monthly statistics reports for quality and ensure that monthly reports are sent to Government office in a timely manner;
  • Organise joint monitoring visit of the CMAM activities with government staff and partners.
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4: Support Government Health staff on ICCM/C-IMNCI management


  • Reinforce the implementation of day to day activities of the ICCM/IMNCI.
  • Conduct trainings, workshops and presentations on ICCM/IMNCI for HEW, Health workers and HDAs.
  • Provide on-the-job training to HEWs, HEW supervisors and health staffs on ICCM/IMNCI.
  • Actively participate in regular meetings involving HEWs/HWs at Woreda or Health Center level.
  • Advice and support the development of innovative local solutions for project related bottlenecks in the woreda/kebele level and monitor the progress with interventions.
  • Conduct integrated supportive supervision and joint supportive supervision with woreda supervisors to health posts and health centres to build the capacity of the HEW/HWs on ICCM/IMNCI.
  • Strengthening the ICCM activity referral linkage with the Health facility at community level in the respective health post.
  • Maintain high quality ICCM/IMNCI programming through strong follow up in the field, supervision & technical back up for the HEW/HWs, monitoring, and conducting regular quality of care assessment to understand the existing practice and take corrective actions accordingly.
  • Provide technical assistance for the HEWs/HWs for the successful implementation of ICCM related behavioural change communication intervention and the Health extension program.


5: Support Government Health staff on CBN & IYCF management


  • Promote/facilitate trainings on health and nutrition using participatory methodologies in collaboration with woreda health office and other key implementing partners.
  • Conduct and facilitate proper food preparation and preservation demonstration activities at village and kebele in collaboration with HEWs/HWs and HDAs supervisors.
  • Identify/facilitate static and outreach CBN and health education programs on appropriate Complementary food preparation and feeding practices, IYCF, hygiene /sanitation and micronutrients utilization.
  • Support and encourage the involvement of HDAs through the training and deployment of community based nutrition focal persons and HDAs.
  • Support, assist and facilitate growth monitoring and promotion activities, CBN and CHD programs in the target woredas.
  • Ensuring the nutritional needs of 6- 24 months children through improving their dietary intake by supporting the local production and utilization of complementary food at community level.
  • Create and maintain partnership and collaboration and work with HEWs, HWs, Agriculture Office (CDAs), Health Extension Workers, HDAs, education office (teachers), existing government structure and implementing partners to facilitate community based nutrition related activities.
  • Coordinate/assist HEW and HWs in any matters related to CBN, IYCF and health activities collaboration with woreda health office.
  •  Facilitates regular on going supervision and monitoring together with woreda counterpart government organizations at Kebele level.
  • Support implementation of CBN & IYCF at the community level through Health Extension Workers (HEWs).
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6: Support Government Health staff on CBN & IYCF management


  • Support & encourage HEWs & HDAs on identifying Pregnant Women at village & kebele level.
  • Support and assist HWs & HEWs on focused antenatal care (FANC) and danger signs during pregnancy.
  • Promote  skilled attendance during labor and delivery and assess/ training needs.


7: Support Government Health staff to manage and supervise Community mobilization, Detection, increase health seeking behaviour and Referral activities:

·         Support the dissemination of IEC/BCC materials developed and adapted to the local context.

·         Ensure the availability of detection and referral tools at community and health facility level.

·         Ensure that there is a working referral system for the identified Pneumonia, diarrheal, fever/malaria and malnutrition (CMAM), from the community to health post and from health post to the health centre.

·         Support the sensitization of traditional and religious leaders and healers on CMAM, ICCM, CBN, CMNCH & care practice program following the national protocol

·         Support government HEWs, HWs and HDAs on the planning and organization of community mobilization, awareness creation, sensitization activities; active case finding, absent and defaulter tracing.

  • Facilitates community capacity assessments and provide awareness raising and behavioral change interventions for project beneficiaries and wider community.
  • Help design, pre-test and disseminate culturally and educationally appropriate awareness raising and educational materials and methods related to the CMAM, CBN, CMNCH, IYCF and ICCM strategy.
  • Organize and facilitate social mobilization and advocacy in collaboration with HEWs and other implementing partners.

 8: Supervise the management of supplies (therapeutic food (F75/F100), RUTF,  medicines and medical and anthropometric equipment):

·         Collect, check and complete the orders before have them validated by the PM

·         Check the coherence of the state of stocks with the orders

·         Check that the medicines, the therapeutic food and RUTF and are delivered on time;

·         Take delivery of the orders.

·         Consolidate the monthly  consumption report;

·         Support government health staffs on implementation of BIN cards, Stock cards.

·         Promote / facilitate HWs & HEWs on the implementation of IPLs.


9: Reporting activities:

·         Give at least monthly reports regarding your activities, identified problems and proposed solutions.

·         Contribute to the elaboration of monthly reports (narrative and quantitative)

  • Conduct activities as requested by the Health Program Manager
  • Prepare regular written reports of project activities and submit to line manager.

·         Ensure proper recording of the information related to the implementation of the community mobilization, detection and referral activities.

·         Report on activities on a regular basis through established format

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·         Update the health PM on the status of the program and performance of the staff.

·         Participate on the formulation of ACF future operation in field of community mobilization, detection and referral


10: The HSS Capacity Building officer is accountable for: 

  • The respect of all AAH procedures (HR, Logs & IT, Finances etc.)
  • implementing nutrition activities of high quality
  • Alerting health program manager on all issues that have an important impact or no identified solution or need support to be solved
  • Timely and adequately reporting on  health program
  • Good working relations between ACF, government health staff and other partners.


11: Represent the organization in relation with the project to the local authorities and other partners:

·         AAH representation for health activities in related forums and meetings.

·         Present the project to the various local partners

·         Liaise with the authorities, committees and other beneficiaries


Upholds the image and values of AAH at all times


Job Requirements

Diploma or equivalent in health, nutrition and related field of study, and minimum 3 years professional experience in the Health, Nutrition and Hygiene promotion (related to CMAM program)

Required skills:

Patience, good relations with other people, good capacity to work in a team, capacity to manage priorities, precision, capacity to share knowledge and train colleagues, knowing the local language; willingness to work under pressure and extra hours, extremely flexible, able to work independently, have the ability to cope with stressful situations, good organizational and interpersonal skills, ability and willingness to work in remote areas. Good knowledge in health & nutrition, CMAM protocol, CBN protocol, ICCM & CMNCH protocols and IYCF policy. Good computer skills in Microsoft Excel and Word, knowledge of local languages (Oromifa and Amharic) of the working areas and ability to communicate in English Language.


How to Apply

If you are interested, please send your application composed of none returnable CV, Covering Letter with “Health & Nutrition CBO written in the subject lineand two references to the following addresses:

 (Action Against Hunger – Addis Ababa – Human Resources DepartmentP.O. Box 2357,  (On the way to Meskel flower from Dembel city mall, Behind Addis Ababa Road Transportation Authority Garage ) ; Sekota, Addis Ababa, Hirna , Somali region – Gode, Gambella, Mega Offices;


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