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DNEA Results for 2020/2021 is out and is Upload Online. In this page we will direct you on how to check your DNEA result online.

DNEA Exam Results

To check the DNEA Results, link is provide below for you to login to DNEA result Portal and Check your result. DNEA results release date of the 2020 Grade 10 (JSC) and Grade 12 Higher level (NSSCH) 21st December 2020 (Tentative). Both websites and SMS services will be become active at 00:15 minutes after midnight.

How to Check DNEA Results 2020/2021

  1. The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture and Directorate of National Examinations and Assessment (DNEA), Namibia allows students to check their exam results in different ways. Before publishing any results Namibia and Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture (MoEAC) made a press conference about the result release date. Once the results are published students may get it in the following ways.

    DNEA Exam Results 2020 Via SMS:

    Exam results for grade 10 (JSC) and grade 12 (NSSC) may be obtained via SMS by following example format of SMS. There are two formats for SMS services one is using name another is using examination number.

    SMS services one is using name:

    • Go to write SMS, Type your <<Exam Name>> <<Space>> <<surname>> <<Space>> <<first name>>.
    • Example (a) For JSC ResultsJSC Kalomoh Fennie
    • Example (b) for NSSCH Results: NSSCH Kaperu Theo

    SMS services one is using name:

    • Go to write SMS, Type your <<Exam Name>> <<Space>> <<examination number>>
      Example (a) For JSC ResultsJSC 201E31220
    • Example (b) for NSSCH Results: NSSCH 10HE102145

    Send this information to any of the following numbers 292999099 or 55755 and in response your surname, name and results will be displayed on the screen of your cell phone.

    DNEA Exam Results 2020 Via Online:

    DNEA and MoEAC both allow students to check the results through web application i.e. if you have Internet collection you can check the results by using your smartphone and computer.

    • Step 1: Open your Internet browser.
    • Step 2: Type the URL in address bar ““
    • Step 3: “DNEA Exam Results Query Service” Page will open.
    • Step 4: Now select “Grade” From list textbox as Grade 10 | Grade 12
    • Step 5: Select the “Examination Session:” as 2020.
    • Step 6: Enter Student Number: “__________”
      Grade 12 student Number looks like this: 15OA999999 or A099999
      Grade 10 student Number looks like this: 102W099999
    • Step 7: Finally click on “view Result”

    N.B. You can download/save the results for future purpose.

    DNEA Exam Results 2020 Via Online

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