Ethiopia Arrests Former President of Troubled Somali Region

Ethiopia Arrests Former President of Troubled Somali Region

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Ethiopia’s state broadcaster ETV says the government has arrested the former president of the Somali region.

The dismissal and arrest of Abdi Mohammed Omar, a well-known politician from the country’s eastern area, came after the Somali region’s capital, Jigjiga, and other towns experienced unrest in recent weeks in which ethnic Somalis, suspected to be connected to Abdi, attacked people from other ethnic backgrounds.

Television images showed Abdi being led out of his villa in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. The state broadcaster reported five Kalashnikovs and four pistols were discovered inside Abdi’s house.

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On Saturday, Ethiopia’s Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed told reporters measures will be taken against former officials of the Somali region, including Abdi , who is suspected of orchestrating the chaos in the region earlier this month.

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