Ethiopian Deploying Jack Ma’s Coronavirus Donation Across Africa

March 23 – 24: Ethiopia starts deployment of Jack Ma’s coronavirus donation

Ethiopia starts deployment of Jack Ma’s coronavirus donation

Ethiopian Airlines started the distribution of coronavirus donation made to Africa by Chinese business mogul Jack Ma, CEO of e-commerce giants Ali Baba.

on Monday, the carrier which is Africa’s most expansive and most profitable disclosed on Monday that it was starting with its neighbours – Eritrea, Djibouti, Egypt and Sudan.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed also disclosed on Tuesday that another nine countries were also being served: among them are to South Africa, Burundi, Rwanda, Togo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria and South Sudan. Of the set Burundi and South Sudan have not recorded any cases yet.

“The mission continues with subsequent freighter flights across Africa,” the Airline said in its tweet on Monday.

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Even though most countries have closed their airports, exemptions have been made for cargo flights and planes on emergency missions. Ethiopian flies to most major capitals across Africa.

According to Abiy Ahmed Ali Tweeter Handle,
He said

This morning we have sent out the second shipment of #COVID-19 materials acquired through the support of @JackMa and the @AlibabaGroup to #South Africa, #Burundi, #Rwanda, #Togo, #Zambia, #Zimbabwe, #Kenya, #Nigeria and #South Sudan.

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