Fintrac Inc. Jobs Vacancies 2018 for Poultry Technician

Fintrac Inc. Jobs Vacancies 2018 for Poultry Technician

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Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for the Fintrac Inc. Jobs Vacancies 2018. Interested applicant(s) ought to follow the details and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.


Fintrac Inc. Jobs Vacancies 2018

Fintrac is looking to hire Poultry Technician/s (PT) for the Feed the Future Ethiopia Value Chain Activity. The activity will contribute to the government of Ethiopia’s objective of improving agricultural productivity and the commercialization of smallholder farmers through an inclusive approach that integrates nutrition-sensitive interventions and climate-smart agriculture with value chain development. The five-year activity will work across key value chains of maize, coffee, chickpea, dairy, and livestock. The Poultry Technical will plan, implement and monitor the FtF EVCA intervention in woredas. She/he will be required to work in close coordination with FtF EVCA Regional team, poultry Manager in Addis Ababa. He/ She has to work closely with, Poultry producers, Pullet Growers, Multiplication centres, Woreda poultry Extension workers, Cooperative and SME Agencies on zonal & Woreda level.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

·      Technician directly works with poultry producers, pullet growers and organizations working on poultry value chain. The primary role is to aid these groups of stakeholders working on poultry value chain to make a better decision to increase their income and production

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·      Technician provides consultation to poultry producers, small and medium scale poultry businesses. In these consultations, they give training, guidance and actual demonstrations of poultry technologies advantages of such technologies. They also closely work with project staff and government stakeholders to facilitate methods that could advance poultry production and marketing.

·      Assess market outlets of poultry products in Woreda as well as assessment of existing potential buyers in the Woreda.

·      Facilitate establishment and capacity support of new and existing small and medium sized businesses to ensure sustainable market access of egg and pullet production. Coaching and delivering management advice to cooperatives, unions or private sector enterprises is essential to improve their performance.

·      Facilitate the support to selected poultry Input Dealers in collaboration with nearby CFSC (Commercial Farm Service Centers) and agro dealers.

·      Assist VCA regional team and National Poultry Manager to prepare annual, quarterly and monthly plans for effective execution of the project activities as stipulated in the project document.

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·      Compile and submit timely project performance and field reports and maintain proper project performance results recording and filing.

·      Ensure effective and timely implementation of planned strategies and activities at the project sites (selected woredas)

·      Facilitate partnering with public agencies, local service providers and other key actors (poultry farmers extension groups, cooperatives & private enterprises in poultry input supply, egg aggregators and supermarkets.

·      Maintain smooth coordination with Zonal Livestock, Cooperative and SME Agencies and other stakeholders

·      Support community level poultry vaccinators for proper delivery of poultry immunizations

·      Provide supervision, support & coaching to Woreda Extension Workers.

·      She/he will provide technical advisory services including, but not limited to: support and advice to poultry producers, pullet growers, input suppliers such as poultry feed, Veterinary drugs and premix suppliers. She /he will give management advice to Cooperatives and private enterprises who collaborate with FtF EVCA on poultry input supply or linking them with potential buyers and aggregators.

·      Oriented by his/her supervisor he/she will implement other assignments related to the engagement of women and youth in poultry related activities as well as assignments for action-research etc.

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·       Together with regional Monitoring and evaluation, experts will capture necessary datas and real time entry in FtF EVCA data entry system.


Job Requirements

·     A minimum of Diploma in livestock and rural Development, Agro-economics, Animal Science, Poultry Science or related field

·     At least 3 years in poultry value chain management, especially in support of cooperatives, private enterprises, and extension services.

·     Proven experience in riding Motorcycle with valid driving license

·     Fluency in the Regional language is required

·     Able to work under pressure and deal concurrently with multiple assignments


How to Apply

Candidates should submit a CV and cover letter to [email protected] in the subject line, please clearly write the position and the region

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply

Application deadline is August 22, 2018


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