Medecins Sans Frontieres Spain Recruitment 2018 for Supply Activity Officer

Medecins Sans Frontieres Spain Recruitment 2018 for Supply Activity Officer

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Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for the Medecins Sans Frontieres Spain Jobs Vacancies 2018. Interested applicant(s) ought to follow the details and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.


Medecins Sans Frontieres Spain Jobs Vacancies 2018

Performing the day to day implementation of supply procedures and ensuring efficient administrative processes for one or more areas of the supply programmes (Order Processing, Transport and Customs, Procurement, etc.) at coordination according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to ensure the optimal running of the missionCarry out the full procurement process of a supply office, analyzing market sources, and competitive pricing conditions among different suppliers in order to ensure an ongoing supply of all sorts of goods, while guaranteeing best quality and pricing for MSF goods and commodities.



Account abilities
•       Performing the day to day activities ensuring an efficient running of the administration processes of the supply activities following the supply procedures according to MSFstandards and protocols. The activities can include one or more of the following areas:•       Order Processing: Performing the day to day order processing activities in a particular supply office (coordination)

•       Purchasing: Performing the day to day  purchasing activities in a particular supply office (coordination level)

•       Transport and Customs (If required to do so): Performing  the day to day  procedures and administrative processes for  the clearance and transportation of goods  in a particular supply office (coordination)  ensuring an efficient shipment of goods

•       Performing and coordinating administrative procedures related to his/her supply activity(ies), verifying the compliance to MSF procedures, standards and protocols

•       Ensuring that all necessary tools and management procedures are followed to avoid stock ruptures, losses and excess stocks in the mission

•       Performing delegated tasks according to his / her activity(ies) and as specified in his/her job description

•       Ensures a smooth running of supply administration and the respect of the implemented supply procedures. In particular, implementation of standard tools.

•       Field Visit (project support) as per the TOR requested from the supervisor.


MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities
Supply Administration and procedures 


–       Carries out the purchases of a supply office based on purchase documents issued by the line manager and manages the administrative and accounting procedures related to purchasing.

–       Constantly assess the local market, seeks products and suppliers that offer the best value for money, and negotiates prices.

–       At the request of the line manager, obtains different quotations from suppliers according to the MSF Purchasing policy

–       Place purchase orders to pre-selected suppliers with whom prices have been agreed.

–       Request invoices or receipts, immediately, for all purchases, check they are correctly filled and translate information written in local language before approval.

–       Regularly updates the supplier-item-price data on the supply office (Supplier Database & price list for all families of items)

–       Manage the administrative and accounting procedures related to purchases: complete purchase orders, check delivery notes (against orders), Archiving of all supply dossiers, etc.

–       Manages the advances issued by the Finance Department.

–       Assists in reception control process with the storekeeper and Warehouse Supervisor.

–       Update information on purchase lists after purchases are made.

–       Informs the Supply log/supply supervisor and LogCo/project log of all information or modifications to the “item-supplier” data: price, address, items availability.

–       Provide necessary support to the projects specially for emergency projects, perform markets assessments in local markets, set up supply system in the emergency projects.

–       Technical Support to projects for market assessments, tender process-supplier evaluations & Contracts.


Order and Stock Requests follow-up


·         Processes all orders and requests and communicates regularly on their status with the initial clients: order received, approval stage, confirmation, RTS & monitoring, backorder, lead times, … and reports problems to his line management.

·         In collaboration with the warehouse supervisor & Storekeeper, Monitor and approve store requests related to general logistics orders both from projects & capital offices.

·         Ensures the Order Lead time is monitored & make sure there is no delays due to loose of the follow up.

·         Ensures and apply a smooth running supply administration and the respect of the implemented supply procedures. Proposes adjustments where needed.

·          Is responsible for the supply database and the correct filing and archiving of the supply documentation and guarantees the availability and the coherence of supply data.

·         Make sure that the Logistics Database is update regularly for efficient KPI reporting tool (all the orders created status should be regularly update with no time delays).

·         Communicates with local and international suppliers (status of order, claims …) and reports problems to line management.

·         Ensure the proper order validation steps & processes are performed for each orders coming from the projects & capital offices as per the country supply Guideline.

·         Actively participate in regular meetings for the effectiveness of supply chain.

·         Update the international orders prices as soon as the proforma invice is sent from European supply centre.



·         As supply database use Logistix7, ensure back-up of the database once In a day on an external hard drive.

·         Dropbox update & renaming of all the orders to projects


·         Regularly send Order monitoring (every two weeks- 1st & 16th of the month) to the projects & capital office. The capital office coordinators should be in copy of the emails.



–       Supporting guidelines and procedures

o    Be aware of and act according to MSF OCBA Supply guidelines.



Job Requirements

Education •       Essential secondary education•       Desirable technical diploma, in supply chain or commerce related studies
Experience •       At least 2 years’ experience in supply chain related jobs or in the logistics department•       Desirable proven understanding of MSF Field Logistics
Languages Essential mission language and local language desirable
Knowledge Computer literacy

How to Apply

All applicants should send a CV, cover letter, educational records, work certificates and copy of id. Card either by email to [email protected](please indicate ¨On the subject box: the vacancy title)OR give in person to MSF Spain Offices in Addis Ababa/ Gambella/ Dolo / Hawassa/ Jigjiga..

Posting date: August  08, 2018

Closing date:  August 18, 2018


We strongly encourage qualified women to apply.

Please note that only short-listed applicants will be contacted.


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