NEAEA Grade 8 Examination Registration 2012

NEAEA Grade 8 Examination Register and Login 2012NEA (National Assessment Agency) or NEAEA (National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency) allows school representative and institute representative (refers to college/university authorized person) for registering a new account for the academic purpose.

Register NEAEA Grade 8 Exams for 2012 here, NEAEA National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency Grade 8 Exams portal for 2012 is open for all Candidates. Registration here before the Closing date.

የ 2012 የ NEAEA የ 8 ኛ ክፍል ፈተናዎች እዚህ ይመዝገቡ ፣ የ NEAEA ብሔራዊ የትምህርታዊ ምዘና እና ፈተናዎች ኤጄንሲ የ 2012 የ 8 ኛ ክፍል ፈተናዎች መግቢያ ለሁሉም እጩዎች ክፍት ነው ፡፡ ከመዝጊያ ቀን በፊት እዚህ ምዝገባ

NEAEA Grade 8 Exam Register 2012

Both the websites of the Agency that is: NEA ( or NEAEA (  have the same registration form. Any school representative may create an account in NEAEA . The school/institution representative must have the permission letters from the school head for registration. To register a new account please check the following steps.

  • Open a web browser type or
  • If you are not in the Home page, then check the top menu click on “Home”
  • Just below of the login form click on “Register a new user
  • Now registration form will appear. Please fill all the information asked below.
  • UserType: School representative or Institute representative
  • Code: Your organization code: School code, Institute code or Region code.
  • FirstName: Representative Person First Name.
  • MiddleName: Representative Person Middle Name (if any).
  • Sex: Male or Female
  • Attachment: Upload Scan a letter that shows you are assigned to the organization and attach it.
  • Mobile Number
  • Email: a valid email-id.
  • UserName: choose a username for login
  • Password: Type a password for login
  • ConfirmPassword: Type the same password for confirmation.

NEA Register

How to register an account with NEAEA/NEA?

Link for register


If you have an account, then follow the steps below login into the NEAEA Porta.

  • Open a web browser type or
  • If you are not in the Home page, then check the top menu click on “Home”
  • In the home page, section login form will appear.
  • Use Your Username and password to log in.
  • Finally, Click on the login button.

Login into NEA or NEAEA

NEAEA Login Form

Forgot your password?

In case you forgot or lost your NEAEA account password, then you can resent password using your registered e-mail ID.

  • Click on forget the password.
  • Now password reset page will appear.
  • Enter your email and you will receive your password through your email address.
  • Go to your registered email ID Inbox and open email from NEAEA.
  • Follow the instruction to reset the password.

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