Parastatals in Ethiopia: List of the Best

Parastatals in Ethiopia 2020 List has been successfully uploaded online. If You are looking for any Ethiopian organization/ Parastatal? This page is probably what you need, You can review the list of Parastatals in Ethiopia and their contacts as well.

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There are different parastatals in Ethiopia based on classes, However We will list out the best parastatals in Ethiopia alphabetically, they pay their employees well.

If You want to get Parastatal jobs that falls under for any category, You will probably want to check for the best, biggest, richest or best paying parastatals in Ethiopia. For this reason We have compiled the list below for You.

Classes of state corporations in Ethiopia

Government organizations in Ethiopia are classified into three main classes; A, B and C. What determines their classes is their pay scale. Class A parastatals pay better than Class B parastatals, which, additionally pay better than class C.

parastatals also serve as a source of employment to many Ethiopians. This way, they lessen the number of jobless Ethiopians in the country. Nevertheless, to get a job with them, one should be well educated and experienced. They help the government to run its business and other elements. They are also responsible for certain services to the general public.

Best Paying Parastatals in Ethiopia

Here is the list of the top 10 paying Parastatals in Ethiopia

  1. Central Statistical Agency
  2. Ethiopian Mapping Agency
  3. Ministry of Health (Ethiopia)
  4. Information Network Security Agency
  5. Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority
  6. Relief and Rehabilitation Commission
  7. Ethiopian News Agency
  8. Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Ethiopia)
  9. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ethiopia)
  10. Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
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Parastatals in Ethiopia 2020 and their contacts

Here is the complete list of the parastatals in Ethiopia for 2020.

  1. Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation
  2. Ethiopian Agricultural Business Corporation
  3. Ethio-Telecom Gumaro Tea Development Enterprise Industrial Parks Development Corporation
  4. Ethiopian Grain trade Enterprise
  5. Ethiopian Railway Corporation
  6. Sugar Corporation Metal and Engineering Corporation
  7. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
  8. Development Bank of Ethiopia
  9. Electric Utility Ethiopian Electric Power
  10. Ethiopian Airlines Group
  11. Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise
  12. Ethiopian Water works construction
  13. Ethiopian shipping and logistic service
  14. Ethiopian Insurance corporation
  15. Chemical Industries Corporation Birhanena Selam printing enterprise

Hotels Development S.C(A.A Hilton)

  1. Adola Mine Enterprise
  2. Ethiopian Tourist Trading Enterprise
  3. Spa service Enterprise
  4. Ghion Hotels Enterprises
  5. National Alcohol and Liquor Factory
  6. Ethiopian Pulp and Paper S.C.
  7. Ethiopian Postal Service
  8. Ethiopian Trading Businesses Corporation
  9. Ethiopian Minerals, Petroleum & Bio Fuels Corporation
  10. Shebele Transport Share company
  11. Ethiopian Public Service Employees Transport Service Enterprise
  12. Ethiopian Toll Roads Enterprise (ETRE)
  13. Caustic Soda S.C.
  14. Awash Melkasa Aluminum Sulphate & Sulfuric Acid S.C.
  15. Adami Tulu Pesticide Processing S.C.
  16. Awassa Agricultural Development Enterprise
  17. Educational Materials Production and Distribution Agency Ethiopia
  18. Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise
  19. Land Bank and Development Corporation Ethiopia
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Ethiopia State Corporations

Name Industry Headquarters
Marathon Motors Engineering Consumer goods Addis Ababa
National Bank of Ethiopia Financials Addis Ababa
Oromia International Bank Financials Addis Ababa
Selam Bus Line Share Company Consumer services Addis Ababa

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