Sos Children’s Villages Jobs Vacancy 2018 for Admin & Finance Coordinator

Sos Children’s Villages Jobs Vacancy 2018 for Admin & Finance Coordinator

Applications are invited from suitably qualified Applicants for the Sos Children’s Villages Jobs Vacancy 2018Interested applicant(s) ought to follow the details and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.

Sos Children’s Villages Jobs Vacancy 2018

Reporting to the General Manager of the Social Business of SOS Children’s Village Ethiopia, the position holder oversees administrative and financial activities of the social business. He/she particularly is responsible for ensuring that business operations conforms to all applicable and relevant legal frameworks and requirements of the government and SOS CV Ethiopia. He/she is also responsible for effective control of financial and physical resources, IT and administrative systems in order to contribute to the achievement of the overall business objectives. The position holder ensures the financial health and performance of the social business meet all requirements and standards.

Priority Task & Responsibilities


  • Assists the General Manager with all aspects of the development of efficient and effective operation of the financial and administrative functions (finance, HR and general administration) of the Social Business and meets a high level of professional standards
  • Ensures all administrative and financial activities at all levels are adhered to existing working manuals, policies and procedures
  • Organizes and provides relevant financial and administrative information for decision makers
  • Develop and implement appropriate administrative systems, policies, procedures and processes to enable staff to perform their duties efficiently, effectively and safely
  • Continually revises and proposes new business ideas and practices that increase revenues and minimize costs
  • Be responsible for keeping and maintaining an up-to-date accounting and personnel records at Head Office
  • Create and maintain close work relationship and communication with Finance and HROD department at SOS Children’s  Villages Ethiopia National Office
  • Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child protection, health, safety, security, confidentiality and reporting of all concerns to an appropriate person

Financial Management

  • Assists the Social Business General Manager with all aspects of the development and effective operation of the finance function
  • Provide useful financial insights to help make better decisions about formulating and executing strategy, and provide guidance and analysis to executive and top management team to improve results
  • Prepare and analyze accurate quarterly financial and management reports, including income statement, balance sheet, budget and variance, projections and forecast, and cash flow
  • Implements agreed systems and policies to ensure effective maintenance and control of all budgets and accounts
  • Manages, oversees, processes, and acts as backup for processing all of the following transactions: payroll, accounts payable, revenue and expense, fixed assets, cash, bank reconciliations, and allocations
  • Provides financial analyses and models as needed, in particular for capital investments, pricing decisions, and contract negotiations
  • Ensures the proper collection, recording and banking of any money received at school level are reported timely
  • Follows up and controls the printing and distribution of financial documents
  • Adheres to the necessary accounting, documentation and reporting procedures required for the purchase of items based on purchases/procurement procedure
  • Carries out financial analysis and develops improvements to financial procedures as required
  • Assists with the formulation and implementation of policies, procedures and/or processes for the purpose of providing direction and/or complying with mandated requirements
  • Prepares financial plan along with physical plan and report to be submitted to Charities and Societies Agency on annual basis
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Budget preparation

  • Analyzes past financial performances, performs income and cost projections, and organizes  other critical inputs for budget preparation
  • Coordinates the preparation of annual operational budgets and forecasts in close collaboration with School Admin and Finance Heads and in consultation with SOS CVE National Office  Finance department
  • Assists the Social Business Management Team with financial strategy and financial projections

Execution/budget utilization

  • Ensures that budgets are not overspent, identifying variations and taking corrective action
  • Works closely with School Admin and Finance Heads and provides guidance and control on financial performance of the social business unit
  • Ensures close collaboration and communication with SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia National Office  Finance department to facilitate and smoothen consistent running of the social business unit
  • Oversee authorization and payment of all accounts, including all invoices that are received by the school, by ensuring that invoices are legitimate and that payment is authorized by the
  • Budget holder or the Headmaster or the Finance Subcommittee

Monitoring, controlling and reporting

  • Prepares financial reports as required by the General Manager, Social Business Management Team and Senior Management Team of SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia
  • Monitors the expenditure by individual budget holders on an on-going basis and ensures adequate controls are in place and ensures monthly  financial  reports are received monthly on monthly basis from each Social Business unit
  • Ensures close collaboration and communication with school Finance and Administration heads regarding the completeness and accuracy of financial transactions.
  • Coordinate and follow-up  School income reconciliation report preparation and prepare combined Social business income collection report and   all reconciliations and reports submit to the Social  Business General Manager
  • Coordinates school Finance and Administration heads to complete financial requirements for action plans and prepare reports for relevant parties such as government and donors as necessary
  • Undertakes financial and administrative controls such as checking payroll, undertaking random checks on purchase prices and facilitates cash flow transfer
  • Prepares and checks quarterly financial performance reports of the social business unit
  • Facilitates transport & logistics arrangement in the events of social business meetings, guest visits and procurement and delivery of items to branch offices of the social business unit
  • Ensures the auditing of accounts of the Social Business by internal and external auditors.
  • Advises the General Manager in financial related matters
  • Provide technical support to school Finance and Administration heads
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Physical resource management

  • Ensures that annual inventory, proper recording, documentation and reporting of fixed assets are properly made
  • Coordinates the purchasing of goods and services ensuring that accurate stock and inventory control systems are maintained
  • Monitor the recording and inventories of all fixed assets periodically

HR & Admin Responsibilities

  • Takes a lead role in the planning, design, organization and monitoring of administrative support systems and procedures
  • Ensures that all staff planning recruitment, induction, development, appraisal and performance management and contract termination are in line with applicable policies and procedures
  • Oversees and co-ordinates all HR administration tasks including benefit administration, payroll, staff data, recording and induction are in line with the policy and guideline
  • Maintain and update personnel files of all staff at National Office level, including all documentation as required in line with HR manual/ guidelines
  • Coordinates activities such as special events, meetings, training, experience sharing visits, travel, staff gathering, and construction and maintenance of buildings
  • Coordinates the tasks of the Admin and Finance Team to ensure and facilitate the ordering, processing and payment of all goods and services provided to the business unit
  • Gather inputs and reports from school Finance and Administration heads and Combined  HR plan and report annually to be submitted to Charities and Societies Agency
  • Ensures close collaboration and communication with HR department at SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia National Office  to facilitate and smoothen consistent running of the social business unit
  • Perform other duties assigned and delegated by the General Manager
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Job Requirements


  • BA/ MA Degree in Accounting, Finance, Management, Business Administration and related field of study and


  • minimum relevant experience of 5 years for BA degree holders/ or 3 years for MA degree holders. 2 years’ experience in assuming supervisory position.


  • Profound experience in finance, administration, logistics and HR management
  • Strong computer proficiency, including competency with Word, Excel and accounting software (such as Navision dynamics, etc.)
  • Experience in financial management of business/ commercial sector
  • Good communication and report writing skill
  • Ability to work independently; problem-solving skill, analyze issues and create action plans
  • Independent decision-making and ability to interpret policies and laws
  • Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others
  • Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written English language
  • Good interpersonal skills and team player with sensitivity to cultural diversity
  •  Ability to work under pressure


How to Apply

Applications that do not meet the minimum requirements listed above will not be considered. Please ensure that all necessary documents are uploaded, as incomplete applications and/or corrupt files may delay processing of your application or remove your from consideration.


Only shortlisted applicants will be communicated

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