Standard Bank Group Recruitment 2019 For Manager, Collateral

Standard Bank Group Recruitment 2019 For Manager, Collateral

Applications are invited from suitably qualified Applicants for the Standard Bank Group Recruitment 2019. Interested applicant(s) ought to follow the details and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.

Standard Bank Group Recruitment 2019

Risk Management: understanding all risks – from the economic to the political – that could affect our global business, and offering guidance to all parts of the bank
Job Purpose
To design and maintain a comprehensive Collateral credit operations model for PBB Credit Africa that defines best-practice processessystemsstructures and process measurement.

Ensure that the Bank’s needs to provide adequate controls over the risks encountered in the post-credit granting stage of the credit process are satisfied by ensuring the appropriateness, consistency, validity and enforceability of all collateral confirming that all collateral and legal documentation in respect of banking facilities and advances granted have been obtained are in legal order and properly housed

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Ensure minimum capability ratings for Collateral in Malawi are maintained

Preparation and Validation

  • Ensure that the Collateral team accurately and timely draft legally enforceable facility letters / loan agreements, incorporating all the terms and conditions of sanction / covenants and required collateral.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and bank policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all assets being secured in favour of the bank and in support of facilities are acceptable for collateral purposes, are current, have been verified, valued and where applicable, sufficiently insured.
  • Ensure receipt of all required collateral documents, legal in order, before recommendation of funds drawdown
  • Adherence to Credit sanction in respect of regularization of security.
  • Ensure that all standard Credit documentation including Guarantees by Bank issued on behalf of the bank conform to the bank’s guidelines.
  • Ensure that only external attorneys as approved by the bank is used when preparing and registering collateral.
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Scrutiny and Management

  • Ensure that any collateral document / agreement that require registration are accurately and timely registered by the relevant party, and that any complications in the process are rapidly addressed, in order to minimize the impact on customers and the bank.
  • Ensure that a comprehensive diary is kept to follow up on receipt of required collateral, current and sufficient insurance cover, current valuations, renewal of insurance cover, etc.
  • Ensure that any deterioration / irregularities in insurance cover, asset valuations, pledged investments is addressed
  • Ensure that all collateral is captured in the Branch Power Collateral Management system or Core Banking platform (i.e. depending on the system used).
  • Ensure that all relevant reports are actioned and filed accordingly.
  • Maintain an updated register for all Guarantees by Bank issued.
  • Ensure that commission for Guarantee issued by Bank is recovered quarterly in advance.
  • Maintain proper diary notes and records to confirm recovery of commission for Guarantees by Bank.
  • Ensure that collateral form (F23184 or equivalent) is prepared signed and submitted to relevant Business Units once new documents have been locked away.
  • Address all shortcomings highlighted in both internal and External Audits
  • Any other adhoc duties
  • Submit key measures to Johannesburg on a daily basis

Custody of collateral documentation

  • Ensure that all required facilities letters / loan agreements / collateral documentation are held under joint custody, with both custodians being jointly responsible for items under their control.
  • Ensure that the release and disposal of any facilities letters / loan agreements / collateral documentation have been authorized by the relevant authority.
  • Ensure that comprehensive diary system is maintained to follow up on receipt of temporary released collateral.
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Preferred Qualification and Experience

Qualifications & Knowledge

  • Minimum of LL.B Law Degree or a relevant qualification in a Collateral field
  • Knowledge of various legislative requirements, particularly as it pertains to credit agreements, loan documentation, and the variety of lending mechanisms and types of collateral that may be used.
  • Understanding of relevant registration processes.
  • Understanding of the bank’s internal controls and processes, specifically relating to the drafting, execution, management and custody of all facility letters / loan agreements / collateral documentation.
  • Thorough understanding of the bank’s products and facilities, and where the risks lie in these facilities. Understands the terms of the facilities, and the conditions that will need to be compiled with over the duration of the facility’s life to ensure that legal risk is effectively restricted.
  • Deep knowledge of various legislative requirements, particularly as it pertains to credit agreements, loan documentation, legal processes, and the variety of lending mechanisms and types of collateral that may be used.
  • Thorough understanding of relevant registration processes and various contingencies that may occur under exceptional conditions particularly pertaining to the assets of large corporate organisations.
  • Understanding of the bank’s systems, policies and procedures in order to optimally draw on the available information to manage and control the post-credit granting processes


  • 5 -8 years’ experience, including 2-5 years as a credit, process or product manager in Personal and Business Banking.
  • Preferable to have banking experience, particularly pertaining to banking processes with regard to collateral documentation and the operation thereof
  • Prior experience with workflow management tools.
  • Banking experience, particularly pertaining to credit risk management, banking processes with regard to banking products and the operation thereof.
  • Broad knowledge of applicable Acts and Bank Manuals.
  • Energetic and with sound decision skills
  • Must be able to work under pressure and remain focussed.
  • Analytical with a tolerance for high volumes and problem absorption whilst detailed oriented.
  • Previous management experience
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Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise


  • Ability to communicate effectively to a wide range of wide-ranging cultures, organisational groups and management levels.
  • Ability to identify and negotiate with key stakeholders to ensure the necessary buy-in and commitment to the success of the operating model.
  • Ability to ensure that broader Business Unit and business strategy is taken into account and consensus with all stakeholders is reached on new developments.
  • Ability to accurately read situations/the audience and appropriately adapt style in line with business needs.
  • Ability to understand in-depth data analysis, trends, forecasts and reporting for use in setting the strategic direction of the Originations & Underwriting function.
  • Ability to interpret, analyse, evaluate and formulate plans based on information from a number of sources to develop world class pool of knowledge, tools, frameworks and methodologies.
  • Ability to provide valuable specialist insight and skill into solutions of less obvious, more complex risk-related challenges.
  • Ability to coach, develop credit capability in country by providing ongoing feedback, appraisal, and counselling.

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