List of Universities in Ethiopia & Courses Offered (Public & Private)

Full List of Universities in Ethiopia & Courses Offered (Public & Private)

See the most comprehensive list of accredited Universities in Ethiopia which offers divers Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Graduate Courses.

Check below for the list of all the accredited Universities in Ethiopia. The list contains Universities in Ethiopia, including Universities of Technology, higher education institutions, Universities of Agriculture and Universities of Education and the courses offered by each of them.


List of Universities in Ethiopia

This page is the most comprehensive Information database of Public and Private universities and colleges in Ethiopia, enabling your access to over 1,000 academic programs throughout  Ethiopia.
You can browse over our universities in the Ethiopia by field of study, degree level and location.

Public Registered Universities in Ethiopia

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1 Awassa College of Teacher Education Addis Ababa
2 Axum University Axum
3 Addis Ababa University Addis Ababa
4 Jimma University Jimma
5 Mekelle University Mekelle
6 Haramaya University Dire Dawa
7 St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College Addis Ababa
8 Bahir Dar University Bahir Dar
9 Hawassa College of Health Sciences Hawassa
10 Arba Minch University Arba Minch
11 Dynamic International University College Addis Ababa
12 University of Gondar Gondar
13 Mekelle Institute of Technology Mekelle
14 Ethiopian Institute of Architecture Building Construction and City Development Addis Ababa
15 Ethiopian Civil Service University Addis Ababa
16 Arbaminch College of Teacher Education Arba Minch
17 St. Mary’s University College Addis Ababa
18 Ambo University Ambo
19 Wollega University Nekemte
20 MicroLink Information Technology College Addis Ababa
21 Dilla University Dilla
22 Wollo University Kombolcha
23 Evangelical Theological College Addis Ababa
24 School of Telecommunication & Information Technology Addis Ababa
25 Mekane Yesus Seminary Addis Ababa
26 Wolaita Sodo University Wolaita Sodo
27 Unity University Addis Ababa
28 Ethiopian Management Institute
29 Debre Berhan University Debre Berhan
30 International Leadership Institute Addis Ababa
31 Jethro Leadership & Management Institute Addis Ababa
32 Institute of Land Administration Bahir Dar
33 Debre Markos University Bahir Dar
34 Ethiopian Federal Police College Addis Ababa
35 Infonet College Addis Ababa
36 Grace College of Business and Computer Science Addis Ababa
37 Hope University College Addis Ababa
38 Dire Dawa University Dire Dawa
39 Adama Science and Technology University Adama
40 Addis Continental Institute of Public Health Keble
41 Menschen für Menschen Agrotechnical Training College Harar
42 CPU College Addis Adaba
43 Admas University College Addis Ababa
44 Alpha University College Addis Ababa
45 Dandii Boruu University College Jimma
46 HiLCoE School of Computer Science and Technology college Addis Ababa
47 Ethiopian Catholic University of St Thomas Aquinas Addis Ababa
48 Addis Ababa Commercial College Addis Ababa
49 Samara University Samara
50 Infolink College Hawassa
51 Afro-Canadian College Jimma
52 Central Health College Addis Ababa
53 PESC Information Systems College Addis Ababa
54 ALKAN University College Bahir Dar
55 Sheba Info Tech & Business College Mekelle
56 New Generation University College Addis Ababa
57 Rift Valley University College Addis Ababa
 58 Abay Health College
 59 Abbiy Addi College of Teacher Education Abbiyi Adi
60 Addis Ababa Medical College
 61 Addis Ababa Mulu Wongel Believers’ Church Theological College
 62 Addis College Addis Ababa
 63 Adoa College of Teacher Education
 64 Africa Beza College Shashemene
 65 Africa University College
 66 Alem Business College Gofa
 67 Alfa College of Distance Education
 68 Arte Ethiopia College Addis Ababa
 69 Assosa University Assosa
 70 Atlanta College
 71 Awasa Adventist College Awasa
 72 Aweliya college
 73 Aysaita Teachers Education College
 74 Bale International University Addis Ababa
 75 Betezta College of Medical Science
 76 Blue nile college Bahir Dar
 79 Bule Hora University Bule Hora
 80 Century University College
 81 Computer Science and Business College Addis Adaba
 82 Defence University College Addis Ababa
 83 Dessie Teacher’s Education College Dessie
 84 Entoto TVET College Mekelle
 85 Eprom Technology College
 86 Ethiopian University College
 88 Gambella Teachers and Health Science College
 89 Hashenge College
 90 Horn of Africa College
 91 HZ college
 92 Jijiga University Jijiga
 93 Kisama Africa University College Addis Ababa
 94 Kotebe Teachers’ Education College/Kotebe College of Teacher Education Kotebe
 95 Kunuz College Addis Ababa
 96 Lucy Water Technology College
 97 Maichew Technical College Machew town
 98 Mars Engineering College Mekelle
 99 Medawolabu University
 100 Medico Health College
 101 Mekelle College of Teacher Education Mekelle
 102 Mekelle Nursing School Mekelle
 103 Meserete Kristos College Addis Ababa
 104 Metu University Metu
 105 Mizan Tepi University Mizan Teferi
 106 National College Addis Ababa
 107 Nazareth College of Technical Teachers
 108 New Abyssinia College Addis Ababa
 109 New Millennium College Mekelle
 110 Nifas Silk TVET College Addis Ababa
 111 Nile College Mekelle
 112 Omega Health College Addis Ababa
 113 Orbit IT College Addis Ababa
 114 Pan African College
 115 Poly Institute of Technology Mekelle
 116 Public Service College of Oromia Zeway
 117 Queens’ College
 118 Royal College Addis Ababa
 119 School of Fine Arts & Design Addis Ababa
 120 School of Medicine Laboratory Technology
 121 Selam Nursing College
 122 Semera Health College Semera
 123 SOFTNET Computer Science & Business College
 124 Universal Technology College
 125 Urban Planning College (Ecole) Addis Ababa
 126 Wachamo University Hadiya Zone
 127 Welkite University Welkite
 128 Wondo Genet College of Forestry Wondo Genet
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