Bahir Dar University Student Grade Report

Bahir Dar University Student Grade: BDU Student Grate/Appeals has been released. This page gathered all the information concerning Bahir Dar University (Addis Ababa) Student Greats.   

Grade Appeals

If you have good reason to believe you have been subject to mistaken, improper or unjust treatment with respect to your academic work, you have the right to appeal to the Committee on Academic Appeals.

Note:  You can only appeal an official final grade and after your appeal is launched, your final grade may be raised, lowered or remain unchanged.

Keep in mind that an appeal is based on solid evidence and not merely on injured feelings. You must be a current student or a student enrolled in the previous academic year who was required to withdraw.

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How do I submit a final grade appeal?

  • Before going through the official appeal process, consult with the instructor within one month of receiving your grade and if unsatisfied, consult the appropriate Chairperson and then Dean.
  • If the appeal is still unresolved, fill out the “Academic Appeals” form within 3 months from the last day of the term.
  • Your “Reason for Appeal” on the form must contain specifics as to when the instructor, the Chairperson, and the Dean were consulted, together with any other information you consider relevant.
  • After obtaining the required signatures on the form, bring the form and all supporting documents such as grade history, copies of retained graded material (i.e. exercises, reports, papers, tests and examinations) to the Service Centre. Note: Supporting documents will be retained for a minimum of twelve months from the deadline of submission of grades.
  • Pay a charge of $30.00 however if you receive a favourable grade change your payment will be refunded.
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What happens after I submit a final grade appeal?

  • The Committee consists of two qualified examiners who review the evidence presented and reconsider the grade.
  • The examiners submit their report and the evidence to the Chairperson of the Committee.
  • The decision of the Committee shall be final.
  • Appellants may ask or be asked to appear before the committee(s) hearing their appeal.

How long does a final grade appeal take?

  • If possible, within one month of receiving an academic appeal, the Committee shall render and communicate its decision through the Service Centre to all parties concerned.

For additional information on academics appeals, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

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