Ethiopia Government declare school closure as more COVID 19 cases emerge

Ethiopia Government declare school closure as more COVID 19 cases emerge

Ethiopia has not yet announced a travel ban due to the Coronavirus case. The number of patients climbed to 5 on Monday.

Prime Minister announcing closure of schools, cancellation of sporting events and bigger meetings in the country for the next two weeks. Source : Office of the Prime Minister

March 16, 2022

Ethiopia announced on Monday that it is closing universities and schools for two weeks, suspending sporting events including Ethiopian Premier League soccer, and cancelling all major meetings with a high number of participants.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed disclosed the decision from his office in a televised message.  It came in the wake of a rise in the number of COVID patients.

University students are to remain where they are deterring mobility for the next two weeks, and of course, there will be no classes. Still, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education said that it is considering making instructional materials available online for students.

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The government is intending to distribute hygiene products, including bar soap and alcohol.

He has also encouraged religious leaders to consider measures to fight the spread of Coronavirus while practicing worship in the next two weeks.

The Ministry of Health announced on Monday that the number of known cases of infected people in the country had reached five.

The latest case of the infected person is said to have come from Dubai. The first case in the country was confirmed on Friday last week ; a Japanese national who reportedly arrived in Ethiopia from Burkina Faso on March 4. All the patients are said to be in a stable condition.

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Three of the patients in Ethiopia are foreigners and two Ethiopians.

About 117 people who are said to have contact with infected people in Ethiopia are identified,  according to the Ministry.

Kenya took similar measures by closing schools and universities after the number of infected people reached three over the weekend. It has also banned travelers from countries affected by the disease. So did Sudan.

So far, South Sudan and Eritrea did not report confirmed cases of COVID 19.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 350 people have tested positive for Coronavirus across Africa, seven people have died, and 21 recovered from it, as reported by the BBC.

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South Africa is one of the countries severely affected by the disease in Africa and has declared a national disaster, and travel ban from badly affected countries.

According to the latest report by the BBC, 27 African countries have COVID patients. Over 146 countries around the world are affected by the disease.

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