University of Malawi Chancellor College Holds Teacher-Librarian Course 2019

University of Malawi Chancellor College Holds Teacher-Librarian Course 2019

On 11th and 12th February 2019, Chancellor College Library (CCL) carried out a residential training course for 32 teacher-librarians from across the country.

During the training, the participants were taken through several topics. These included the areas of acquisition, classification, and cataloging, shelving of books, among others.

The workshop was not just theoretical, but also included some practical sessions. In that regard, the participants were given the chance to practice the allocation of accession numbers to books, making of catalogs, and classifying books using DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification).

Later in the workshop sessions, the participants were also taught the basics of book repair. This comprised a classroom session, followed by a practical session. During this exercise, the teacher-librarians were also informed of what materials are essential for a library in order to repair books.

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The Registrar of the College, Mrs. Mary Wasiri, attended the opening ceremony and pointed out that the work of the library is in line with the mission and vision of Chancellor College, which is to teach, conduct research, and engage in outreach.

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