Tnt Construction & Trading Jobs Vacancies 2018 for Project Administration Head – Jobs in Ethiopia

Tnt Construction & Trading Jobs Vacancies 2018 for Project Administration Head – Jobs in Ethiopia

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Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for the Tnt Construction & Trading Jobs Vacancies 2018. Interested applicant(s) ought to follow the details and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.

Tnt Construction & Trading Jobs Vacancies 2018

The Project Administration Head is responsible to for the overall administrative function of the Project, exercising his responsibilities with a dual reporting line / accountability to the Project Manager and the Administration Manager. The Project Administration Head expected to perform and coordinate the various administrative services to the construction and other functions of the Project efficiently and effectively.


Project Administration Head is expected, in collaboration with others, to see to it that the human, material and financial resources of the project are utilized with the utmost efficiency to ensure the optimal profitability of the Project. It is the responsibility of the Project Administration Head to facilitate a conducive-working environment that fosters an organizational culture that reflects values of team synergy, integrity, innovation, cost and quality consciousness, client satisfaction and a spirit of commitment in overall Project.


The Project Administration Head is required to see the implementation of policies and procedures of the Organization, efficiency and effectiveness of the project functions, cost control, quality control and analysis.


Duties and Responsibilities


1. Human Resources Management


The jobholder is responsible for the proper supply, utilization and administration of the human resources of the project. He is mainly charged with promoting an organizational culture that enhances the mission of the Organization. He is expected to ensure the implementation of the policies and procedures of the Organization and operate within the ambit of the Labour Law of the country.

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·         Recruit capable employees as per the HR policies and procedures of the Organization and schedule of the construction works;

·         Ensure the handling of proper records of employees;

·         Establish standards of performance and ensure that employees deliver the expected results in their jobs;

·         Ensure that excess employees are immediately and appropriately terminated;

·         Handle up to date data on human resources – daily, weekly and monthly;

·         Check and control staffs and labourers attendance sheets. And check and control the presence of employees on their duty or not;

·         Ensure the correctness of payments to daily labourers, contractual and regular employees;

·         Promote organizational values that cultivate a culture of team spirit, quality and cost consciousness, innovation, discussion and integrity;


2. Purchasing Management


The jobholder is responsible for the acquisition of the right quality and quantity of supplies, at the right time and price and from the right place. He should communicate with the responsible Construction Personnel and the Head Office Purchasing & Supply Department and plan the procurement of materials to ensure uninterrupted operation and cost effectiveness.


·         Communicate closely with the Construction personnel on the materials requirement plan and draw up a procurement plan, follow up, revise and implement it;

·         Ensure the right specifications are indicated on the Purchase Requisition and the right materials are purchased;

·         Follow up the acquisition of required materials and services on time;

·         Ensure the right quantities of materials are bought – not only as per the requests but also as per the specified bill of quantities and initial and revised materials requirement plan;

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·         Maintain a list of reputable, local suppliers;

·         Update one of current prices of materials and evaluate quotations accordingly;

·         Undertake pre and post-purchases cost-benefit analysis of make vs buy, Local vs Head Office purchases, and Credit vs cash purchases;

·         Search for supplies of sand, stones, gravel, etc. around the Project area;


3. Property and Stores Management


The position holder is expected to ensure the proper inventories management and upkeep of property.  He should see to it that the stores function effectively supports the construction function and that proper documentation is maintained.


·         See to it that materials as well as fixed assets are received and issued with the proper formats;

·         Ensure that the property of the Project is well kept and safeguarded;

·         Ensure that storage space is efficiently used, materials are well kept and safeguarding measures are taken;

·         Continuously review materials in stock and act on unused ones as per existing policy and procedures;

·         Hold fast moving materials as stock items;

·         Minimize waste in stores and on compound;

·         Maintain updated stock balance and fixed assets in use;



4. Documentation

·         The Project Administrator is expected to ensure the proper documentation of correspondences, reports, policy documents, project designs, agreements, events, etc. as per the company Documentation procedures;

·         Maintain the appropriate documents in such a way that they are safe and accessible;

·         Inform all concerned about the Project’s documentation systems, upkeep and safeguarding;

·         Transfer the project payroll documents to Head Office, for staffs monthly salary and skilled and unskilled labourers bi-weekly wage preparation, as per the organization time schedule;

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5. Reporting


The position holder should prepare and send various reports as specified by the policies and procedures of the Organization as well as by the Project Manager / Administration Department Manager.


·         Prepare and send reports to the Project Manager / Administration Department Manager on the performance of the various sectors under his responsibility. The reports should be sent regularly on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and when required;

Expected reports: –

o   Monthly human resources utilization reports,

o   Monthly supplies reports – purchases locally, cash/credit purchases,

o   Monthly inventory reports,

o   Monthly management meeting reports, etc.

·         Copy the reports to the Project and hold discussions on the project performances matters and the project periodical performances evaluation meetings.


6. Others

·         Provide the Project Manager / Project Management Committee with professional advice;

·         Perform other tasks assigned by the General Manager;

Job Requirements

B.A Degree in Management , HRM or any other related field of study and 5 years and above experience on the same position.- Construction Companies experience is mandatory.


How to Apply

Interested qualified applicants are advised to apply their non-returnable application and CV with all credentials in 10 (Ten) Working days from the date of this announcement.

E-mail Address – [email protected]

Telephone No.0118619669

  P.O.Box 190038

     Location: Addis Ababa around Ayat Square on the way to Tafo, TNT      Construction & Trading 4th floor,

         HRD & Administration Department.

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